St. Patrick's Day Goes International with Welsh Poten Ben Fedi
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St. Patrick's Day Goes International with Welsh Poten Ben Fedi

St.Patrick's Day doesn't just have to be about Ireland. If you are having guests from different backgrounds it may be nice to include other dishes from other countries. My husband is Irish and I am Welsh, my family comes from Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, Wales. Every year I try to include a little international flair to our St. Patrick's Day dinner.

My husband is Irish and I am Welsh. His birthday also falls on the 15th of March, 2 days before St. Patrick’s Day, which makes for a fun time around our house every year. I always fix a traditional Irish dish, what else, corned beef and cabbage. I also fix a traditional Welsh dish for my side. It’s a dish called Poten Ben Fedi, which is a potato and leek dish with meat. We have a great time every year and it is great fun. We invite family and friends over and eat and enjoy each others company.

This year I have decided to go international. I am still fixing the traditional corned beef and cabbage. I will also be fixing my families dish of Poten Ben Fedi. But I am topping the Poten Ben Fedi with mild cheddar and parmesan cheese, so here we have a little bit of Italy. I am also baking a German chocolate cake from scratch, it my husband’s favorite cake. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be solely about Ireland, especially if you are having guests from a variety of backgrounds. It’s a nice touch to show a little international flair on such a fun filled day.

Poten Ben Fedi is a really tasty dish and if you have never tasted leeks they have such a delicious, delicate flavor. The Leek is the national symbol of Wales and is a member of the onion family. It can be bought in a bundle, usually of 3, at most grocery stores. Leeks look very much like very large green onions but their flavor is nothing like a green onion, or any onion for that matter. They can be used in soups, eggs; pretty much almost any dish that you use onions in you can use a leek instead and get a whole new array of flavors. Here is my recipe for Welsh Poten Ben Fedi:

Poten Ben Fedi

2lbs potatoes

1 leek



Another meat of choice (I use pastrami)

1 TBSP flour


Cheese (this is optional)

Preheat oven to 225. Boil and mash potatoes as you would normally with butter and milk. Add flour, for binding. While the potatoes are boiling cook bacon, other meat and leeks in a skillet over med to med high heat. You want the bacon cooked through but not crisp, just cook until the fat parts are cooked through but the bacon is still soft. Grease a Pyrex casserole dish. Mix together mashed potatoes and meat/leek mixture and spread evenly in a casserole dish. If you want cheese sprinkle over the top of the Poten Ben Fedi. Bake at 225 20-30 minutes until top is melted through or if you didn’t use cheese until the top is just browned. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Comments (3)

Jaz, this sounds like something I will have to try, how much bacon and other meat? Voted & tweeted!

Ranked #3 in St. Patrick's Day

Diane, I pretty much just eyeball it. For a large group I use 1/2 lb of pastrami and about 5 slices of thick sliced pepper bacon cut up into about 1/4" slices. Does that make sense? Not sure I just eye ball it and I use one leek cut almost down to the green....cheers Jaz

A good way to mix the two, nice work Jaz!