Good Stiff Drinks in Time for St. Patrick's Day
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Good Stiff Drinks in Time for St. Patrick's Day

Enjoy this St. Patrick's Day by trying a new drink!

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect celebratory holiday for stepping outside of your alcohol comfort drink and sampling some new things. There are plenty of classy drinks out there that are surprisingly yummy and sure to rack up a bar tab. Here is a description of a few of them so you can remember what it is that you had this St. Paddy's Day that tasted so good (just in case your memory gets a little fuzzy). You can save a good bit by hosting a party at home, or you can go out and enjoy the night with your friends! The title picture shows the Chicago River being dyed green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


The best celebration drinks are fizzy, and they're even better if they taste good! Ciders offer a good balance between beer and Smirnoff or Bacardi carbonated drinks. They are sweetened slightly and have a very good flavour; they are not so bitter to the taste for those who aren't beer aficionados. Ciders also don't have an excessive amount of sugar like the aforementioned drinks, so they won't be likely to give you a headache or make you sick to your stomach. I prefer a local cider produced in Vermont, Woodchuck. This cider has a slightly sweeter flavor than Original Sin, another good cider produced in New York. St. Paddy's is a good holiday for trying import brands as well. Strongbow cider, made in England, is an import typically available at many bars, pubs, and package stores. Canadian iced cider (very sweet and tart) is becoming popular here in the United States. Ice cider, typically referred to here as "iced apple wine," is defined as a drink with high natural sugar content and alcohol content between 7%-13% by volume. Most standard ciders come in a beer-type bottle and have a similar alcohol potency as beer, between 4%-6%. The picture below illustrates a French custom regarding "cidre": it is typically consumed in a wide-mouthed cup or bowl.

Imported and Dark Beers

American beers typically have a lighter color and flavor than their European imported counterparts. If you are a fan of beer and enjoy its distinctive flavor, then you should consider trying one of the darker beers available. Dark beers are at their best when fresh and cold; the bitterness can become stronger when they are warm. Guiness is basically the gold standard for imported dark beers. Local beers of a similar hearty flavor, although not quite as bitter, are represented by brands like Samuel Adams, which markets its product by advertising for flavor. Dos Equis is a good imported brand that strikes a balance between Budweiser and Samuel Adams if you are looking for something a shade darker than light beers.


St. Patty's Traditions

The Irish Car Bomb (patriotically made with Guiness stout, Bailey's Irish Cream Liquer, and Jameson or Michael Collins whiskey) is a celebratory must for any good St. Patrick's Day. One just might suffice. Substituting various mixers for crème de menthe (a green and minty flavored alcohol) is a good way to ensure you won't get pinched this Wednesday (especially if your drink gets splashed on you!). For numerous other St. Patty's day drink ideas, see

Remember, however you celebrate or wherever you go, be safe and drink responsibly. Try to schedule a ride home or make plans before the drinks start coming, or it will become a much tougher endeavor. If you plan on drinking a good bit, have a good amount of water to balance it out, even if it makes you need to go every 5 minutes. Get enough to eat with your drinks, too. Your head and stomach will thank you in the morning. Have a blast this St. Paddy's, and don't forget to try something new!


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Comments (6)

Good stuff all around! ; )

Karen Cummins

Hi there, being Irish I just wanted to point out that it is not St. Patty's Day it is St. Paddy's Day. Paddy is short for Patrick.

Not being Irish, I thank you for the correction!

Fun article, even I'm late for this year. Gives me time to practice for next year.

First good laugh I've had today. I would join you and get you one or four, but...bit of a drive!

Well--as long as you don't drive until AFTER.